Billing & Payment Information

Water Service

Water service is billed to customers within Solano Irrigation District boundaries in accordance with the District’s Rules & Regulations for water delivery.

Please select one of the following types of water service to view an example water bill:

Payment Options

  • Payments may be made in-person at the District Office during normal business hours.
  • An after-hours drop box is located in the District parking lot on the left, immediately after entering from Cessna Drive.  Please only leave check payments in the drop box.
  • Sign up for ACH-Auto Pay. Set up recurring payments and never worry about missing a payment again.
  • Payments may be made online with an electronic check or credit card through a third-party payment resource.  Please visit the Online Payment Instructions page for additional information.
  • Payments by check can be mailed to the District Office.
  • Payments may be made by phone 877-280-0439, with a credit or debit card, or an electronic check - processing fees apply (Payment by phone). 

If you have any questions regarding your water bill, please contact us at 707-448-6847.

** If you are a City of Suisun Water Customer, please make your payment to the appropriate city. Solano Irrigation District will only accept payments for District Invoices. (Click to view a sample bill) **

District Service Areas

Along with providing agricultural water delivery, the following public water systems are located within Solano Irrigation District:

  • Blue Ridge Oaks Public Water
  • Elmira Public Water
  • Gibson Canyon Public Water
  • Peabody Public Water
  • Pleasant Hills Public Water
  • Quail Canyon Public Water
  • Stocking Ranch Public Water

The Solano Irrigation District is also responsible for 14 non-public water systems providing untreated water.

Additional Service Areas

  • Suisun-Solano Water Authority 
    • Domestic water is provided through the Suisun-Solano Water Authority, a joint powers authority between the City of Suisun City and the Solano Irrigation District. Suisun City handles local billing and requests for water and sewer service; Solano Irrigation District provides field service, capital maintenance, water delivery and water treatment services.
    • Please visit the City of Suisun City’s website or call 707-421-7320 for bill payment information in the Suisun-Solano Water Authority service area.

The following local cities and water districts are not within Solano Irrigation District boundaries for domestic residential water service. Please contact these cities or water districts directly with any questions.

  • Main Prairie Water District
  • Reclamation District 2068

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