Development is defined as the alteration of land(s) and/or their uses within the District boundary. This includes conversion of land from agricultural uses to municipal residential, commercial or industrial use and from rural use to urban use. This also includes alterations to private irrigation systems that affect the efficient operation of the District’s distribution and drainage system. All development or construction within the District’s boundary or that affects District facilities shall conform to the District’s latest release of the Rules and Regulations and be constructed according to the District’s Standard Specifications and Details, latest revision.

Development of the land(s) may require annexation to or detachment from the District. It may also include the installation, construction, removal or conversion of the District’s existing facilities as part of the development.

The appropriate requirements and guidelines, below, must be followed.

Development and Design Standards

    Subdivision Policy (District Policy 8110) 

    • DS1 – Major Development or Subdivision Requirements
    • DS2 – Development Requirements for Minor Subdivisions and Parcel Splits
    • DS3 – System Analysis by Outside Engineers
    • DS4 – Design Standards for Non-Potable Water
    • DS5 – Design Standards for Gravity Irrigation
    • DS6 – Water Supply Facility Design
    • DS7 – Facility Crossing Standards
    • DS8 – Development Requirements Involving Facilities of the Solano Project

    Design Details

    Project Review and Approval

    • Proposed development projects must be submitted to the District Engineering Department for review and approval.
    • The minimum development “package” should contain:  detailed project scope, measured drawings or sketches, location of District facilities to the project.
    • The Developer/Landowner must sign a work order with the District before the review process begins.