Meet the Board Members

  • John D. Kluge - President
  • Charles A. Herich - Director
  • Michael Barrett - Director
  • Pete Sanchez - Director
  • Derrick Lum - Director
  • Cary Keaten - General Manager / Secretary / Treasurer

Division 1

Director Kluge John D. Kluge
Board President
Representing Division 1, Director Kluge was elected to the Board in 2009. Director Kluge is a 25 year resident of Solano county and a lifelong resident of Northern California. He and his family live outside of Dixon where they raise almonds and sheep. He worked for 14 years at U.C. Davis and is currently an employee of the State of California specializing in land use. Mr. Kluge has a B.S. in Toxicology and a Masters in Business both from the University of California at Davis.

Division 2

Charles A Herich
Charles A. Herich

Representing Division 2, Director Herich was elected to the Board in 2020. Director Herich has been a resident of Solano county for more than 30 years.  He grew up in San Diego county before attending college at the University of California in Santa Barbara where he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering.  After college, he worked 38 years for Shell Oil Company at a variety of locations and in a number of different roles.  In addition, he served on Shell's Auxiliary Fire Brigade for more than 20 years.  Most recently he was the Process Safety Manager for the Martinez refinery, and had assignments as the lead Utilities Engineer and Basic Data Manager. He retired in 2019 and has lived in Vacaville for more than 25 years in the Gibson Canyon Improvement District.

Division 3

Director Barrett
Michael Barrett

Representing Division 3, Director Barrett was appointed to the Board in 2018. Director Barrett is a partner in B&C Hay, Inc. and grew up raising cattle and irrigating pastures just outside of Dixon.  Out of high school, he grew his operations from 1 hay baler to 24.  Then, started branching out to almond orchards in the early 1990’s, which continue to flourish.  Today, he and his business partner operate an extensive haying operation consisting of alfalfa, straw, sudangrass, oats, and ryegrass.

Division 4

Pete Sanchez
Pete Sanchez

Representing Division 4, Director Sanchez was appointed to the Board in February 2020, he resides in Suisun City, has a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, is a certified public accountant and retired as an auditor/appraiser with Solano County after 23 years of service. Prior to his years at the county, he was a sales tax auditor at the State Board of Equalization, and a Bank Examiner with the State Department of Banking. Mr. Sanchez has twelve years of experience as a Suisun City Councilmember, followed by twelve years as the Suisun City Mayor. 

Division 5

Derrick Lum
Derrick Lum

Representing Division 5, Director Lum was appointed to the Board in January 2020, is a third-generation farmer raised in Suisun Valley. Mr. Lum farms 600 acres growing an array of crops including sunflowers, garbanzo beans, walnuts, yellow beans, prunes, persimmons, and sorghum.  As a native of Solano County, Mr. Lum understands the needs of his constituents, stakeholders, Ag and M&I users.