Meet the Board Members

  • John D. Kluge - President
  • Lance Porter - Vice President
  • Michael Barrett
  • Guido Colla - Director
  • Mike German - Director
  • Cary Keaten - General Manager / Secretary / Treasurer

Division 1

Director Kluge John D. Kluge
Board President
Division 1 (Dixon) was elected to the Board in 2009. Mr. Kluge is a 25 year resident of Solano County and a lifelong resident of Northern California. He and his family live outside of Dixon where they raise almonds and sheep. He worked for 14 years at U.C. Davis and is currently an employee of the State of California specializing in land use. Mr. Kluge has a B.S. in Toxicology and a Masters in Business both from the University of California at Davis.

Division 2

Director Porter
Lance Porter
Board Vice President

Division 2 (Vacaville) was elected to the Board in 2016.  A University of Alaska graduate majoring in Biology, Mr. Porter’s career flourished in the business of manufacturing.  In the 1980’s Mr. Porter started several window companies in Oakland, eventually moving All Weather Architectural Aluminum Window Company, currently owned by him and his family to Vacaville.  In the late 2000’s, Mr. Porter fulfilled a life-long passion for agriculture by acquiring various properties in Solano County but, focusing on Vaca Valley where he resides with his wife of many years Maria Porter (also a University of Alaska graduate).

Division 3

Director Barrett
Michael Barrett

Representing Division 3, was appointed to the Board in 2018. Director Barrett is a partner in B&C Hay, Inc. and grew up raising cattle and irrigating pastures just outside of Dixon.  Out of high school, he grew his operations from 1 hay baler to 24.  Then, started branching out to almond orchards in the early 1990’s, which continue to flourish.  Today, he and his business partner operate an extensive haying operation consisting of alfalfa, straw, sudangrass, oats, and ryegrass.

Division 4

Director Colla
Guido Colla

Division 4 (Green Valley) was appointed to the Board in 1994. Director Colla is a lifelong resident of Solano County. He is a former Council member and Mayor of Suisun City and a retired School District Superintendent. Director Colla has many years of public service in Solano County, they include Civil Service Commission, Grand Jury, Mosquito Abatement District, and Library Commission.

Division 5

Director German
Mike German

Representing Division 5, Mr. German was appointed to the Board in 20014. He has been a resident and landowner in Solano County for over 70 years. His family has farmed in the Suisun Valley and been a major player in the agricultural development of the valley. For over 50 years  Mr. German and his family have operated various fruit orchards, dried fruit from the orchards as well as purchased fruit from many local farmers for the dried fruit market. Mr. German has a unique understanding of agriculture and the farmers in the valley.