SSWA Board & Executive Committee

SSWA is governed by a Board of Directors made of the five members of the Suisun City Council and the five members of the Solano Irrigation District Board of Directors, for a total of 10 members.  The positions of President and Vice President of the Board are filled by members of the City Council and SID Board of Directors, elected for two-year terms in odd years, and alternating between the two agencies.

The Board currently meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm at the Suisun City Council Chamber at Suisun City Hall. Agendas, staff reports, and meeting minutes can be viewed from the Agenda Center. Meetings are open to the public and items both on and off of the agenda can be discussed with the Board.

SSWA has an Executive Committee to administer the Authority and advise the Board of Directors on matters of program development, policy formulation, and program implementation.  The Executive Committee has four members: the SSWA Board President and Vice President, and the SSWA Manager and Assistant Manager.  The Committee meets on the first Monday of the month, one week before the Board Meeting.  Agendas, staff reports and minutes for past and current meetings are available for can be viewed from the Agenda Center.  Members of the public are free to attend and can talk to the Committee about items both on and off of the agenda.