SSWA Finances

Financial services for SSWA are provided by the Suisun City Department of Administrative Services.


The Suisun City Finance staff maintains for the Authority funds and accounts as may be required by good accounting practice and Revenue Bonds. Appropriate books, records, accounts, and files relating to the costs and expenses of maintenance and operation and the revenues of the Authority and each project are kept.


Water bills are based on the approved water rates, which can be viewed on the City of Suisun's website, and metered water usage. They are based on the size of water meter serving the customer, and the type of service (residential or commercial).  Water usage is determined by water meters; every service in SSWA is metered.  Online account access and bill paying services are available on the Suisun City website.


Annual budgets are prepared and approved by the SSWA Board.

Financial Audits

The Board of Directors contracts with a certified public accountant or public accountant to make an annual audit of the accounts and records of the Authority.  A report of the audit is made and filed with the City, District and County Auditor. View the SSWA Financial Statements and Independent Auditor's Report.

Financial Plans

SSWA has financial plans prepared by outside consultants to forecast expenses and establish fees and water rates. The prepared plans are presented to the SSWA Board with recommendations for approval and implementation, which the Board may approve. View the SSWA 2015 Water Rate Study.

Financial Reports

Financial Reports are available on the Suisun City website. View the SSWA Financial Reports.

Water Rates and Fees

Water rates and fees are established by the Board of Directors based on studies done by staff and consultants. View the SSWA water rates and fees on the Suisun City website.