SSWA CIP Projects

Annual budgets are prepared to identify projects to proceed and the funding for them.  The CIP budget is part of the annual budget and can be viewed from the Finance webpages starting [here].

The CIP Budget consists of three types of project funding - Replacement Reserve, New Capacity Fund and 2016 Bond Fund projects - as described above.  The projects themselves are grouped according to the facilities they construct: 

  • The Cement Hill Water Treatment Plant
  • Distribution Facilities – storage tanks, booster pumping plants, meter stations, pressure reducing stations
  • The Distribution System – pipes, valves, water services, meters
  • Water Loss Control – meters, leak detection and pressure management
  • SCADA – remote monitoring and control
  • System-Wide – planning projects

SSWA invites bids for design and construction services for projects.  To view current invitations for qualifications, proposals, and bids visit the Bid Postings page.