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PUBLIC RECORDS ACT REQUEST (California Government Code Section 6250 et.seq.)

  1. Please describe the public records you wish to recieve. In order to expediate the search for the records, please be as specific as possible.
  2. Note:
    Pursuant to Government Code Section 6256, Solano Irrigation District has a minimum of ten (10) days to issue a determination response to the requester and the reasons for such determination.
  3. Persons requesting copies shall be charged the direct costs of duplication ($0.10 per page) as authorized by Government Code Section 6257.
  4. ** Persons requesting copies are required to specifically identify records and documents (for example, “staff reports”, “receipts”, “and contracts”). Merely requesting “all documents” relating to a certain subject is insufficient for the District to locate records with reasonable effort. (See State Board of Equalization v. Superior Court (1992) 10 Cal. App. 4th 1177). The Solano Irrigation District is not required to compile information in order to respond to Public Records Act requests.
  5. February 2013
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